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Service Introduction

Brand Registry

If there is a need for "Brand Registry", the platform provides guidance on Amazon brand filing.

Composition Of Trademark Application Fee

It includes the fees for submitting the registration application, conveying the notice of trademark announcement, paying the trademark registration fee and obtaining the registration certificate. It does not include the cost of defending the examination opinions issued by the government and submitting priority documents.

Trademark Inquiry

Provide free simple trademark search service

Materials You Can Get
Receipt of UK trademark application
British trademark tender

Service Guarantee

Quality After-sales Service
12 Years Of Brand Experience
Record Certification

Trademark Value

Packaging domestic brands

International trademarks are used domestically to enhance brand premium, image and competitiveness.

Entering overseas E-commerce

It's a must-have ticket for Amazon, express, eBay and wish.

Protecting private brands

It can prevent the brand from being maliciously embezzled or preempted by competitors, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests.

Seize the overseas market

Prevent other products using the trademark from entering the market of the country.