Amazon insurance is required to be updated from today. If the monthly sales amount is less than US $1W, it should also be insured!

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Do you remember that on August 10, Amazon issued a notice saying that from September 1, sellers with sales of $10000 in Amazon for three consecutive months must buy product liability insurance. (don't you remember? I'll put it here. Hurry up and click the blue character.) Amazon updates the insurance requirements. Sellers in the U.S. station need to pay special attention!

With the implementation of the regulations, the qualified cross-border sellers and partners have basically completed the insurance.

However, there have been new changes recently. Some sellers reported that they did not meet the conditions, but they still received a notice from Amazon asking him to provide proof.

According to the email provided by the seller, some contents are as follows:

At Amazon America, if you meet the following conditions, you must purchase and maintain business liability insurance and upload your insurance certificate on Amazon's "business liability insurance" page:

Before September 1, 2021, the seller's total monthly sales revenue on exceeded $10000 for three consecutive months

After September 1, 2021, the seller's total monthly sales revenue exceeds $10000 in any month in's history

If Amazon requires you to provide an insurance certificate, you still need to provide an insurance certificate even if you do not meet the requirement of "sales revenue on exceeds $10000"

It is understood that around October 10, some sellers disclosed that they had three accounts and received the requirements to provide insurance certificates.

Recently, a number of accounts have received the same requirements. From this point of view, Amazon is likely to expand the scope of insured stores in the near future.

Of course, according to the seller's sales, product categories and insurance forms, the seller's insurance expenses will also range from hundreds to thousands of yuan, but the time limit is one year, which remains the same.

Write at the end:

In addition, some sellers say that the cost of backup number is also increasing. If you really want to fully require insurance, the expenditure of hundreds to thousands of each account every year is indeed not a small expenditure.

However, regardless of the reason, cross-border people (sellers) should be prepared, pay attention to their background tips, and understand the insurance process and precautions, so as to avoid the impact of untimely insurance or insurance failure on their store operation. (pay attention ~)