Service Business

  • Warehousing Service

    4 overseas warehouses , multilingual customer team service , Effective support of OMS/WMS system

  • First Journey Business

    Provide a variety of different first journey service plans , and higher efficiency of overseas warehouse warehousing

  • After Service

    Combining the advantages of local delivery resources, provide high-efficiency, high-safety delivery services, and final delivery channels with great price advantages

Overseas Warehouse Layout

German warehouse

  • Area:5000㎡

British warehouse

  • Area:45000㎡

Advantages Of Overseas Warehouse

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    50000+㎡Overseas warehouse area

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    30Order processing centers

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    40万+Average daily order volume

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    300+Employees at home and abroad

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    The delivery accuracy is up to99.99%

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    Delivery time limit<24小时

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    Storage time limit<48小时

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    Inventory accuracy>99.95%